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Meeting our micro-entrepreneurs

Today we met with the folks from Ulla. A group of six of them has arrived in Kandy. Being here in the city is evidently a challenge for these people from the East coast. Besides the transition from a small community of several thousand souls, the visit to Kandy is all the more unnerving for them with the heightened security everywhere in town.

Deva and Seevali have arranged for them to stay at a hostel that is available to travelers who come here to Kandy as part of a Buddhist pilgrimage to the Temple of the Tooth, a very famous Buddhist shrine here in Kandy. This hostel is quite basic, but this seems to the least of their concerns. In fact, they seem much more comfortable staying in doors, so we have to drag them out into town for a meal.

We are meeting in Kandy with them to do two things. One is to enter into contracts between Community Friends and the collectives. Both the principal and the mentors will sign for the collectives here in town (the girls will also sign when we arrive in Ulla next week). Then, we are planning to purchase the grinding machines from the distributor, who will also provide training for both operation and maintenance of the machines.

Jay Goodfriend