Our approach to microfinance provides access to capital in the form of micro-equity investments to economically-disadvantaged people who are at particularly high risk with few positive opportunities.

Community Friends Social Investment Fund

Our economic development programs help people work toward a more positive future through social enterprise. We believe that financial self-sufficiency is the key to making this change possible. The Community Friends Social Investment Fund provides access to capital for social micro-entrepreneurs. The Fund is a catalyst for local village economies by keeping local money and employment circulating in the village community, rather than leaving the community for purchases of goods and services in larger towns. In this way, we stimulate an economic multiplier effect within the village and lessen economic disparities.

The Community Friends Social Investment Fund acts like a social venture capitalist, investing in micro-enterprises that generate cash flow and profits to benefit local village economies. The business case for investing in microfinance is not about philanthropy. It is about investing in people to create profitable income-earning opportunities that teach individuals to believe in their own abilities and become economically empowered and self sufficient; potentially changing the quality of life for multiple generations.

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