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New friends in Cambodia

Community Friends has a new friend in Cambodia. We have made a small grant to a school that promotes bilingual literacy to school-age children. Multi-lingualism is a profound enabler of self-sufficiency and in the context of Cambodia, an outstanding alternative for young people who are looking for a better path forward. The school serves the poorest of children and graduates have gone on to find jobs in the tourism and hotel industry. The school teaches English as well as Japanese.


The school’s founder writes, “I have 176 students in total and I teach 3 classes. I have 24 orphans whose parents died of HIV, landmine, and the last battle between Khmer Rough and Government during 1995-98. The orphans live with relatives and with a lot of dificulties. Students keep complaining about their family situations that turn them to work on the farm instead of school. As a result, students with potentials have to give up study. As you know, books and clothing are basic needs for children. My objective is to provide those needs for them as much as I can so that they can have equal opportunities to access to education. I don’t want my potential children to end up uneducated. That would be a great loss for the country.”

When I first found the school, they had no books, paper or pens. Some children were unable to attend because their families could not even afford clothes. Community Friends purchased T-shirts so that even the poorest children could attend. We also provided school supplies, helped secure two computers and purchased bicycles. The children were thrilled.


The school’s fouder writes, “Yesterday and the day before yesterday I spent some time buying Tshirts, books, pens, 5 bicycles, teaching tools and uniforms for the children. We had a wonderful time together. We sang our favourite songs and danced together in circle. We laughed joyfully. The children were suprised to receive such gifts from you. Now they use new uniforms to go to school. They say million thanks to you, and they also want to have your address, because they wish to send you some letters and drawings, so I will send those to you as soon as they finish their work. Anyway,on behalf of the children I wish to extend my gratitude to you for the wonderful cause of the children here.”

Carsten Henningsen