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No word from Ulla

Well, here I am again in Sri Lanka. I had come with the idea of visiting Ulla on this trip, but the situation with the war has become much worse. The road linking Ulla, in the East, with Kandy and the rest of the country, has been effectively closed by the military. Not only is it very difficult to get people through, but supplies, even critical supplies like fuel, are only sporadically allowed to pass through the checkpoints.

There have been bombings and abductions in the areas of the East, some points in fact very close to Ulla. The military appears to be running an operations in the hills around Ulla and in Yala National Park, where persistent harassment from the Tamil Tigers is keeping the area terrorized. What this means to Community Friends is that we have no access to the programs that are going on in Ulla and no word from the micro-entrepreneurships that are under way. So, for the time being, we will have to focus on our work in the tea plantation at Waitalawa.

Jay Goodfriend