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School Donations Help with Flood

We received donations to assist our friends at the Cambodian language school who suffered from a flood in October. 2009 was a tough year. First the school was threatened because the landlord for the school property was about to sell it and force the school to close.


Through generous donations, we were able to purchase the land and give it to the school so that the school could continue, hopefully forever. Then the flood came and closed the school for several days. Food was scarce during this time. Community Friends received additional donations to buy food and also bicycles for the children.


The director of the school, Cha Cha, is an amazing man who founded the school to assist the poorest of the poor children in the area. He teaches them English and Japanese so that one day they can more easily find employment in the city through the tourist industry. Cha Cha supports the school out of his own pocket from working as a part-time tour guide. Cha Cha sent these photos after the children received the bicycles and food.



Carsten Henningsen