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School Flooded

It has been difficult to travel to Siem Reap recently due to the flood caused by the typhoon on the 28th Sept from Vietnam. The typhoon went through Cambodia. The whole country has been badly effected, especially the provinces bordering the Tonle Sap lake including Siem Reap. Up to now, the water level has gone down about 30cm. The rice crop now is submerged.

Cambodia Flood 09

People are worried that their crop might be ruined, and they will not have enough food to eat the following year.

Cambodia Flood 09 2

The school has been closed for 7 days now. I don’t know when I can begin teaching again because the village and the school are still under the water. In the photos, you can see some of my students who are in need for help. They hope that someone can help them overcome their obstacles.

Thank you for any help,

Cha Cha
School Director