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The Children

We meet several children and I get them all smiling and laughing with my digital camera. They love seeing their image on the screen and I promise to send them prints when I get home. It is wonderful to feel some joy from them and see the resilient human heart at work.


One of the girls (wearing dark blue in this photo below) lost her father and her mother is in Saudi Arabia working as a maid. The “employers” refuse to let her mother return until her contract is finished so the girl is alone and may not be able to continue with school. Another girl (wearing pink) lost seven immediate family members. Her brother came to us asking if we could help his sister–she wakes up screaming with nightmares almost every night. I take pictures of these lovely smiling and happy faces knowing what must lie just under the surface.


In talking with the school staff, we come up with a plan to connect these school children with American school children. There are about 102 children at this school from Kindergarten through 10th grade with 10 staff. They need everything from clothes to text books to health care (most of these children are quite small due to malnutrition). We calculate the cost at about $50 a month per child.


Some parents are too poor and need their children to work rather than attend school. Also, girls are often taken out of school to be married at a young age or sent to other countries as domestic help for the family’s financial needs. We will be working to help girls reach graduation and secure a better quality of life through education.

Community Friends is born.

Thanks, Carsten Henningsen