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The Oldest Farmer

Tikira is 97 years old and still an active farmer. He used to come to the Community Friends health clinic with his friends. He would always greet our volunteer group and visit for a few minutes. Sometimes he would join us for a tea.


He brings his friends to the clinic who need medical attention. I think he is doing a great service to his community. Although Tikira didn’t come to the clinic for medicine, Dr. Ajith used to check his health condition and so far we have not given him any medicine. However, Dr. Ajith suggested that Tikira use eyeglasses, but we were careful not to push him too much.

We asked what the secret is behind his sound health. He said, “I love gardening, I work every day in the garden, gardening vegetables, and after that I have a very good shower and I am very happy with my work and my life”. His work and happiness have certainly given him good health and a good life in Waitalawa. Tikira doesn’t have a complicated or stressful life. He works in the garden, eats what he grows and has a good sleep. This seems to be his secret to a long life.


Deva Ratnakara